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Roadtrips 2018 BeNeLux, Poland and Czech Republik

In February and March our Road Trips through the Benelux states as well as Poland and the Czech Republic will be getting underway. Partners and customers will be able to get to know C.K. Solution and the benefits of our core product CKS.DMS for SAP Business One through personal on-site ...
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Customer days with C.K. Solution

Many of our partners use these as a way of keeping up to date regularly and personally. With current topics such as the latest general developments, modern software functions and points to note in respect of accounting, customer days are a way of staying well-informed. Customer days are also ...
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CKS.DMS AP (accounts payable) is the new CKS.DMS module for SAP Business One which makes the fully automatic processing of incoming invoices possible. While you scan an invoice, the respective record is automatically created within SAP Business One. The advantages are obvious: The electronic processing drastically reduces typos that would otherwise occur during data transfer: The same applies to the time needed for invoice processing. This speeds up your processes and thus reduces costs. The scanned document remains archived in the system and may therefore be used as an optical reference at any time.


We offer 3 different document processing versions depending on the company size:

  1. Intragroup

    This version is suitable to companies which receive several thousand invoices a year. Here, incoming invoices are scanned and processed within your company itself. To achieve this, a scanned or digital incoming invoice’s document recognition has to be started. CKS.DMS AP reads out the information and creates a respective record (as draft or fix) with the archived document attached. Whether the respective document is a service invoice or an item-based invoice with several invoice line items makes no difference, as invoice line items are recognized and matched with orders or goods receipt documents.

  2. Partially Outsourced

    Companies that receive fewer invoices may also make use of the advantages that CKS.DMS AP offers. Incoming invoices are scanned, but not processed within your company. The data is then safely encrypted and sent to the C.K. Solution computer center, where it is processed automatically. Here, too, recognition of invoice line items as well as a matching with orders or goods receipt documents takes place.

  3. Outsourced

    We recommend this version to companies which receive more than 20,000 invoices every year. Our expert assumes responsibility for the incoming invoice as well as for scanning and document processing. Every invoice goes through a correcting, matching and classification process. The paper document is archived for you as well. All you receive is the record (as draft or fix) created within SAP Business One including the attached archived document, which is sent directly to the correct database within the appropriate department.


Processing incoming invoices can be so easy! Welcome to the paperless company of tomorrow!


Automatische Eingangsrechnungsverarbeitung

automatic invoice processing


Persönlicher Eingang CKS.DMS für SAP Business One
personal inbox CKS.DMS for SAP Business One


Bei der Inhaltserkennung erfolgte Korrekturen

content recognition and correction

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