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Roadtrips 2018 BeNeLux, Poland and Czech Republik

In February and March our Road Trips through the Benelux states as well as Poland and the Czech Republic will be getting underway. Partners and customers will be able to get to know C.K. Solution and the benefits of our core product CKS.DMS for SAP Business One through personal on-site ...
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Customer days with C.K. Solution

Many of our partners use these as a way of keeping up to date regularly and personally. With current topics such as the latest general developments, modern software functions and points to note in respect of accounting, customer days are a way of staying well-informed. Customer days are also ...
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CKS.DMS for SAP Business One already manages automatic invoice processing, as we demonstrate in our series “Fully digital - automatic incoming invoice processing”. As of now, it’s also possible to send outgoing invoices digitally. Our software solution creates a PDF file that meets international industry standards which is then sent directly via e-mail to one or more invoice recipients. Advantages include:

  • fast and precise communication
  • a digital content check of documents
  • typing errors are avoided
  • more time for important tasks in the business

CKS.DMS for SAP Business One can be configured easily and individually for invoice dispatch. You create a text for the e-mails to your Business Partners. This can contain various placeholders for form of address, name, company etc., which adds a personal touch to your message. What’s more, the functionality of e-mail groups from SAP Business One is fully supported. If, for example, your documents always need to be delivered to two recipients from the accounts, you can group these contacts and forward e-mails to this group. CKS.DMS does the rest for you. And, of course, our product complies with all necessary data protection requirements. You can choose which recipients are to receive e-mails and they won’t be sent any unless e-mail dispatch has been specifically activated for them.

With this new function you’ll save time and you’ll avoid mistakes!

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