Our additional module CKS.DMS Web offers you the possibility to view your archive within a web browser. The access is password protected and may take place across devices (mobile phone, tablet etc.). For this, no SAP Business One license is needed.

By means of the module CKS.DMS Web, you can set up an online access and give appropriate rights to your (external) staff members, allowing them to view relevant documents in the archive. This may benefit external tax consultants and employees without SAP Business One who need read access to drafts or production orders. Applications are versatile.

Additionally, you can grant your business partners access to the archive. Your customer or supplier can view his/her respective documents and download former delivery notes, offers or invoices.


  Product sheet CKS.DMS for customers

A simple right-click allows quick display of the archive or direct addition of scanned documents or files to CKS.DMS.  Product sheet CKS.DMS for partners

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