CKS.ZUGFeRD for SAP Business One



With our ZUGFeRD Add-on we create ZUGFeRD formatted documents (Zentraler User Guide des Forums elektronische Rechnung Deutschland). That new document type allows to store additional information inside PDF documents, e.g. your bills.

CKS.ZUGFeRD Intelligentes Belegmanagement

ZUGFeRD is considered the future universal bill exchange format in Germany. It is useful to combine ZUGFeRD and CKS.DMS to archive your electronic documents. So you can restore the information in your ZUGFeRD documents whenever required. Furthermore the global deposition for all your electronic bills is another benefit.

ZUGFeRD makes the informational exchange between you and your partners easy. So your tax consultant can simply use your bills to provide your tax computation. The further developement ist guaranteed by the natianol FeRD community.

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